Hello! I’m Joan Mora.

I create concepts that lead to strategic designs for apps, websites, and brands.

To me, designing user interfaces and generating positive user experiences is a pleasure, one of the many reasons I do this professionally. I endeavour to keep my work simple, elegant, and attractive. I always seek to bring value to my customers and try to go beyond merely satisfying basic requirements.

I love working with teams of talented and passionate service designers, researchers, ux designers and front’n’back-end developers, staying focused on what is best for the user, so we can make his life easier and more enjoyable.

Admittedly, I’m a huge technology enthusiast, and I revel in trying new apps, designing usable interfaces, and learning everything I can about the latest design trends.


  • I have took several innovation, design thinking and user experience courses.
  • I have managed several international teams of designers and developers.
  • I have successfully designed and participated in the launch of more than 20 web sites and 5 apps.
  • At my latest firms, I began an intern mentoring program and gave monthly skill seminars.
  • Since working as a designer, I have travelled extensively for both business and pleasure, and currently speak three languages.
Check my resume here.